Equine Assisted Therapy

Our main program that we offer, EAP, is an innovative approach to professional counseling using horses to help address and resolve emotional, behavioral, relational and spiritual issues. A holistic healing therapy between a child and a horse through measured success with a licensed Mental Health Therapist, teamed with a EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist.

Research and studies demonstrate that this approach provides an atmosphere whereby a child is actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, being curious, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative, and constructing meaning. This offers the child insight on how to find their own best solutions.

The EAGALA model EAP has effectively been employed in the treatment of numerous behavioral and emotional disorders that are traditionally resistant to intervention and change including conduct disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder, personality disorders and eating disorders.


Cross Roads is involved with Fostering Great Ideas, a non-profit charity that focuses on impacting foster children's lives by pairing up adult volunteers mentoring these children in the hopes of creating a better experience while in foster care. We are committed to empowering these foster children with the tools that are needed to guide them when important decisions arise at the cross roads in their lives.

Rodeo Team

Our Rodeo team consists of the transition from beginner to intermediate riders and on to advanced. The rodeo team members practice technique, timed events, such as barrels, poles etc. and then give back to the beginners by volunteering their time teaching, in order for the beginners to advance their horsemanship skills.

Teen Fellowship Night

A great program that we offer every Tuesday night down at the Ranch. Wonderful fellowship with each other with a variety 0f backgrounds intertwined. Our wonderful volunteers from the local churches bring Inspiration and the Word to these teens, as well as local music artists delivering beautiful sounds, encouragement and praise. A big hit with these teens is the delicious meals that are provided by our generous and charitable volunteers.

Summer Work Program

Our summer work program acts as a regular summer job for foster care teens close to aging out of the foster care system. They are at the ranch early in the morning, working a real job to teach values like leadership, communication, respect and responsibility.

The youth participates in the program by working at the ranch for 6 weeks and are paid for their time, helping them to transition into adulthood in many ways. The program has been extremely beneficial to all youth involved.

The ranch has successfully administered this program in conjunction with Urban League to both boys and girls in the foster care for the past 4 years.

Beginner Rider

Providing children with professional, hands on instruction in horsemanship skills, safety and care.

Wilderness/Horsemanship Summer Camps

Beginning in June of 2016, we will be offering a week long camp dedicated to children, ages 6-18. This program comprises a wide variety of goals and activities. All campers will learn about horses, the basic fundamentals and care regime. The difference between English & Western styles and each category of competition. Learning how to ride barrels, posting and jumping. How to become savvy and have basic survival skills in the woods by obtaining a sense of direction through hiking, marking and compass reading. Activities include but not limited to swimming, kayaking, slip and slide, fishing and crafts.

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